Asphalt Paving

We pride ourselves in hard work and never taking short cuts, just like so many of the workers and businesses owners that we sharewith. We are suited to handle any sized paving job, from a small office to a parking lot at a shopping mall. We are one of the only asphalt companies that provides their own asphalt mixes. This means we can create a specific mix for your property that will last for years to come. Furthermore, we seal all of our asphalt by hand, ensuring a thick, even coat that will protect your new driveway or parking lot better than any alternative.


Our Reputation

We built a rock-solid reputation in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia for over a decade as a asphalt supplier and paver. We build quality highways, roads, and streets; supply and sell asphalt to developers and builders; provide grading and milling services; build sidewalks, curbs, and gutters; and provide expert repairs and renovations for developers, private industry and local, regional, and state public entities. We’re recognized by regional leaders as a preferred contractor, road builder, and asphalt provider. We support our local community through sponsorships and hands-on involvement. And our quality controls and safety standards are second to none.

02 Company Locations
30 Specialized Engineers
47 Years of Experience
106 Complete Projects
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