Resource-based Environmental Management Plan

Any construction project may have negative implications for the natural environment and for residents in the area where it is being undertaken. For this reason, it is essential that an environmental management plan (EMP) be formulated for every project that we undertake. Since each project and site is unique, every EMP is unique too.

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From one century to the next, MSS has always risen to the occasion, applying our skill and grit to solving complex construction challenges to build the landmarks that define our communities.

Safety comes above all else

We want to keep our workers and members of the public safe, so every incident is carefully investigated – even when it doesn’t lead to an injury.

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- Embrace your safety mindset. Nobody gets hurt

In addition, our health and safety managers perform regular inspections to ensure that workers comply with safety regulations, rules and procedures and that safety equipment is being used correctly and is in good order.

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